The Forgotten English Calendar daily email

This calendar is now available year-round as a daily email, sent to your desktop, laptop, iPad, Android, and all other internet mobile devices for $12 per year. It offers humorous and thought-provoking looks at curious expressions, customs, and cultural oddities—your chance to keep up with the past. This all new edition is chock-a-block full of some of the most remarkable words ever forgotten, such as blootered (exhausted), fluxionist (a mathematician), spousebreach (marital infidelity), marriage-music (the cries of children), and buttermilk-cow (a bull). These fascinating morsels of discarded English, etiquette, old recipes, and folklore have been painstakingly gathered from more than 300 unusual source books. 

Here you can read about early travel inconveniences, strange holidays like England’s Mischief Night, and Ben Franklin’s many synonyms for “shnockered,” most of which disappeared into the mists of time. You’ll also find wry and amusing passages from Samuel Johnson, Will Rogers,and H. L. Mencken, to name a few, along with character sketches and peeks at curious saints and their patronages. Discover surprising word origins, telltale royal anecdotes, and the history of tobacco. Forgotten English Vintage line drawings accompany this cornucopia, which makes a great gift. Here are some sample pages:

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